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An Easy Guide On How To Style An Oversized T-Shirt

An Easy Guide On How To Style An Oversized T-Shirt

Recently, the oversized t-shirt outfit trend has drawn a lot of attention. Every young individual is looking for an oversized t-shirt combination because of its unmatched comfort and adaptability. The relaxed fit allows for breathability and easy movement, making them ideal for casual use. These are a blank canvas for personal expression, allowing you to readily display your distinct style and interest.

The most frequently asked question is, “How to style an oversized t-shirt?” In this blog, we have expressed in detail how to style a baggy t-shirt to make a bold fashion statement with unmatched comfort and eye-catching graphic prints. 

A] Let Us Explore Some Unique Ways To Style an Oversized T-Shirt Outfit

1. Summer Is All About Oversized T-shirts With Shorts

When the sun blazes, staying comfortable and stylish is essential. Pairing your oversized t-shirt with the perfect pair of shorts can help you beat the heat and stay cool and fashionable.

So, what’s the key to nailing this summer style? Get the right oversized t-shirt and shorts. Opt for fabrics such as linen or cotton, which are breathable. You can also experiment with different lengths and patterns to match your summer vibe. Lastly, don’t forget to compliment your style with sunglasses and a cool hat.

2. Keep It Untucked For A Laid-back Style 

If you are wondering how to tuck oversized t-shirt, go untucked! Sometimes, fashion is all about effortlessly styling yourself by leaving your oversized tee untucked. If you’re going for a relaxed, casual look that’s ideal for gatherings or hanging out with friends, for a concert, a night out, or even a dinner date- this look goes with all. Also, don’t forget to pair it with a great bottom wear. You can try some trendy jeans for men and let your oversized tee do the talking while you enjoy the comfort and style it brings.

3. Layer Another T-shirt Over It

Try indulging in the trend of layering one oversized t-shirt over another. An excellent choice for you, whether you want to hang out with friends or engage in any outdoor activities, style and shine with layered styling.

But be specific about the colour combo! The contrast you might create between the two tees is, of course, where the beauty of this dynamic pair lies. Mix colours and patterns to create a one-of-a-kind style that is truly you and yours, adding depth and complexity to your oversized t-shirt and jeans outfit, creating a unique style that stands out from everybody else.

4. Layer A Shirt For A Flowy Look

Elevate your oversized t-shirts look by layering it with a button-down shirt. You can explore the different options of men’s casual shirts, like classic cosy flannels or white button-downs, to create a versatile, flowy look.

The secret to mastering this style lies in mixing and matching with different shirt styles and textures to add personality to your outfit. Whether you’re headed to a casual office setting, to a brunch, or to a day of exploration, this is going to add some sophistication to your casual attire.

5. Layer With A Denim Jacket

You are most likely to agree that oversized t-shirts and denim jackets are a match made in heaven; they are timeless classics!  The enduring appeal of oversized t-shirts and denim jackets is most likely to do the talking. You just have to pick the right denim jacket style and wash to complement your tee.

Whether you are planning for a night out or a casual gathering, this pairing effortlessly blends the comfort of an oversized tee complemented by the rugged charm of denim. From light washes to distressed designs, your denim jacket can be the finishing touch to your style.

6. Go Oversize On Pants As Well

If you are looking for something fashionable, effortless, and stylish aesthetic, you can consider an oversized t-shirt with baggy jeans or pants for oversized t-shirt, allowing you to confidently showcase your style, radiating a relaxed and cool vibe.

From music festivals to urban adventures, oversized tee and baggy pants combos are a go-to choice for expressing your unique style.

7. Show Your Pastel Colors

If you want to indulge in summery vibes, you can try the refreshing appeal of light-coloured oversized t-shirts or polo t-shirts. Adding pastels and bright shades to your wardrobe will give you a cheerful and vibrant look.

You can experiment with different pastel shades whether you’re strolling through the city or lounging by the beach, your light and bright oversized tee will make a statement. The magic of pastels will make you stand out as a fashion-forward individual with an eye for colour.

8. Layer A Cozy Sweater For The Winter 

You don’t have to say goodbye to your beloved oversized tee when the winter arrives. You can dress up warm and stylish – all you have to do is explore the art of layering it with a cosy sweater or sweatshirt hoodies for men to keep warm without sacrificing style.

Experiment with different textures, colour combinations, and oversized t-shirts with joggers to create visually appealing outfits that will keep you cosy all season long.

9. Simple Is Timeless

There is a certain elegance in simplicity. A chic and minimalist aesthetic is a style statement that you would love to carry do not forget to add accessories.

Accessorise with statement necklaces, bold belts, or other unique pieces to transform your simple oversized tee into a canvas for personal expression. Minimalism is anything but boring when you know how to make it your own.

10. Add A Vest For 90s Aesthetic

If you are feeling nostalgic, dive into the comeback of 90s fashion and how vests are making a resurgence. Vests are back in style and the perfect combo for your oversized tee outfit!

Explore ways to incorporate vests into your look, embracing the timeless appeal. The versatile layering of the vest gives you that effortlessly cool 90s vibe. Whether you’re aiming for a retro look or just wish to add a vintage touch to your ensemble, vests are the way to go!

11. Try Tie Dye 

It’s all about indulging in the colourful wave of nostalgia! Embrace the groovy revival of tie-dye and its fusion with oversized t-shirts. The patterns must match your taste and style. It’s a fun way to add colour and individuality to your wardrobe. Think of it as an extra boost of positivity and personality for your look. Get ready to turn heads and spread positive energy wherever you go.

12. Be Edgy With Y2K Emo Aesthetic

Switch on to the bold and edgy looks, and unleash your inner fashionista with bold layering techniques. Try pairing your oversized t-shirt with a stylish striped long-sleeve to create your Y2K Emo aesthetic by adding a dash of rebellion to your look.

This look isn’t for the faint-hearted ones; it’s about embracing your uniqueness and sticking out. You’ll be turning heads at concerts, owning the night out with peers, or proudly strutting your style on the streets with this bold and edgy appearance. It’s all about showing what makes you – you!


Fashion is all about expressing oneself while still having fun. It is a form of art that tells you – you shouldn’t be afraid to express yourself. What you wear largely reflects your personality. Confidence is the key to pulling off every outfit, oversized t-shirt or not. 

So go ahead, try out these unique styling ideas, and let your fashion sense shine. The world is your runway; with the right oversized tee, you’re bound to turn heads and make a statement wherever you go. If you are looking to refresh your wardrobe, head out to Thomas Scott for some unique styling ideas. Happy styling!

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