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10+ Best Formal Pant Shirt Combination For Men

10+ Best Formal Pant Shirt Combination For Men

If you are someone who doesn’t know “S” about styling, dressing every day might be the biggest struggle, especially in the corporate world. As the saying goes, “Your first impression is your last impression”, your appearance can significantly influence how others perceive you.

Dressing well with the right combination of colours and accessories can also boost your confidence and will create a lasting impression on the people around you. We’re here to make choosing your outfits easier and help you rock that classy style without any stress. In this blog, we have covered 10+  best formal pant shirt combination that grabs attention and make you stand out from the rest. Step up your styling game with our comprehensive guide for that important interview or business meeting and make your impression last long.

A] 13 Best Formal Pant Shirt Combination

1. Red Shirt With Black/Khaki Pants

When paired right, the red colour can create a bold and striking look suitable for both important meetings and evening social events. Pair the red shirt with black pants for a bold and confident look, whereas the combination of the red shirt with khaki pants will give a relaxed and laid-back look. If you want to ante up the look, add silver cufflinks along with a simple black or brown leather belt. Finish the look with black or brown leather shoes that match the pants.

2. Formal Pink Shirt With Blue Pants 

Tired of wearing the same boring colour of shirts at weddings? Try a pink shirt with blue pants. This combination often creates a fresh and vibrant appearance making you stand out from the crowd. A combination of stripe-printed shirts for men or patterned shirts can be taken as an alternative to add a dash of excitement. For cocktail parties or fancier occasions, complement the look with brogues or loafers for a less formal look.

3. Blue Shirt With Grey Pants

A light blue shirt with grey pants creates a vintage look, whereas a dark blue shirt with grey pants offers a bold contrast. For a subtly stylish look, go for a classic black leather belt with dark brown or black shoes making it a fantastic choice for formal events or a day at the office. Wearing well-fitted pants with a men’s casual shirt radiates a smart look. Adding accessories like ties, or a watch can upgrade the formal attire. It’s essential to strike a balance and not overdo it with accessories, as simplicity often exudes elegance in a formal setting.

4. Grey Shirt With Black Pants

A grey shirt paired with black pants is a timeless and sophisticated formal combination. The contrast between the grey and black creates a sleek and elegant look suitable for various formal occasions. This classic pairing exudes professionalism and versatility, making it a go-to choice for professional settings, business meetings, or formal events. The simplicity of this combination ensures a refined and polished appearance while maintaining a modern and understated style.

5. Blue Shirts With Brown Pants

A blue shirt with brown pants is a great choice for a formal look. It’s a mix of cool blue and warm brown, creating a smart and stylish outfit. This combo works well for office settings or fancy events. It’s a modern twist on classic formal wear. The contrast between the colours gives a polished yet friendly vibe, making it a good option for different types of formal occasions. For an elevated look, you can also wear a check shirt for men. 

6. Black Shirt With Black Pants 

A black shirt with black pants creates a sleek and sharp formal combination. This monochromatic colour combination of formal shirt and pant look offers a sophisticated and elegant appearance, perfect for formal occasions. The uniform colour exudes confidence and authority, making it an excellent choice for professional settings or formal events where a timeless and understated style is preferred. The seamless blend of black tones presents a powerful and polished look, ideal for making a strong, classic fashion statement.

7. Black Shirt With Brown Pant

A black shirt with brown pants or chinos makes a classy and distinct formal outfit. It’s a cool mix of dark and earthy tones that looks sharp. This combo is great for formal gatherings or professional settings. The black shirt adds a touch of elegance, while the brown pants bring a more relaxed vibe. Together, they create a balanced and stylish appearance, offering a unique twist to traditional formal wear suitable for various formal occasions.

8. White Shirt With Grey Pant

Pairing a white formal shirt for menwith grey pants is a classic and sophisticated choice for formal occasions. The combination offers a clean and elegant look that’s perfect for professional settings or special events. The white shirt brings a crisp and polished feel, while the grey pants add a touch of modernity and versatility. This ensemble strikes a perfect balance between timeless style and contemporary fashion, making it a versatile and refined option for various formal gatherings.

9. White Shirt With Navy Blue Pant

A white shirt matched with navy blue pants or trousers for men is a fantastic formal combo. It’s a timeless and classy choice that works well for professional settings or fancy events. The white shirt gives a clean and sharp look, while the navy blue pants add depth and sophistication. This pairing strikes a perfect balance between traditional elegance and a modern touch, making it a versatile and stylish option for different formal occasions.

10. Burgundy Shirt with Dark Grey Pants

Captivating everyone nearby, the dynamic blend of a burgundy shirt and grey pants creates a bold and attention-grabbing style. This combination is well-suited for formal gatherings such as parties or business dinners. Upgrade the outfit with a neutral-toned tie or pocket square and complete the ensemble with a pair of oxford shoes.

11. Purple Shirt With Black Pant

Combining a purple shirt with black pants is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. To achieve different looks you can experiment with various shades. For a classy appearance, accessorise with silver cufflinks, a classic black leather belt and a black watch. To finish the look, opt for brown or black loafers for a sophisticated touch.

12. Yellow Shirt With Beige Pants

The combination of a yellow shirt with beige pants creates a fresh and vibrant look for a daytime event. You can complement this look by replacing pants with cargo. Accessories such as leather watches and leather shoes will be perfect to pair with this colour combination. For a more formal look, you can also add on a silk tie in complementary colours.

13. Light Blue Shirt With Navy Blue Pants

This combination creates a powerful look without being as stark and formal as black and white. Plus, it’s quite conservative, so you can dress it up or down depending on the situation. You know that grey is a very versatile colour to work with, and they look great together. Try pairing it with a dark-toned tie and a sleek leather belt for a balanced look.


A well-coordinated formal pant and shirt combo is essential for making a stylish and professional statement on various occasions. By experimenting with these combinations, you can discover your style and boost your confidence in formal wear. Remember, the key to a successful formal look is to strike a balance between comfort and style while ensuring that the colours and patterns complement each other.

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