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Cargo Pants Outfits For Men: Your Ultimate Guide To Styling Them For Any Event

Cargo Pants Outfits For Men: Your Ultimate Guide To Styling Them For Any Event

Introduced in the 1930s, cargo pants are a type of pants that are tailored with multiple pockets on the sides, typically used for keeping keys, mobile phone, wallet, and several other things. However, it didn’t become popular and recognisable among the civilians until the 1990s.

Originally, they were designed for military purposes, as soldiers required a way to carry resources, including equipment and supplies, on duty. Additionally, in earlier times, it was designed to keep in mind the loose fit to allow for ease of movement. Still, due to its versatility and comfort, it has evolved to include a more fitted style, offering a fashionable look. Want to advance your fashion game with cargo pants? Let’s look at various cargo pants outfit ideas for any and all occasions.

Let’s Take A Look At The 10 Best Ways To Style Your Cargo Pants For Every Occasion

Cargo pants can enhance the way of dressing and make an individual attractive for all occasions. Mentioned below are the top 10 best outfits with cargo pants you can uphold:

1. Hoodie

Back in the day, hoodie and cargo pants outfit stormed the hip-hop culture; however, in recent times, it has become a popular fashion statement among the youth. This outfit aligns with a more casual look, perfect for lazy days when you don’t want to think about styling it to look sharp but enjoy the comfort with baggy cargo pants.

For instance, you could throw a neutral color hoodie, such as beige, with classic solid black cargo pants, pairing it with trainers for a complete aesthetic style, which can also be styled for the gym.

2. Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a must-have clothing to achieve a stylish and edgy look with any kind of bottoms timelessly. Pair slim-fitting black or grey cargo pants with a black leather jacket and a plain white or graphic t-shirt. Add a white sneakers to complete the look.

3. Sweatshirt 

A sweatshirt is casual and comfortable clothing, making it feasible to wear indoors and outdoors. However, you can also create a sporty yet trendy outfit by pairing cargo pants with a sweatshirt hoodie for men. Opt for a fitted or slightly oversized sweatshirt in a solid colour, combining it with a subtle graphic. Moreover, you can complete the look with sneakers, such as skateboard dunks, for a casual touch.

However, when it comes to cargo pants, choose a slim or tapered fit to maintain a sleek silhouette, which offers comfort and style, perfect for a laid-back and fashionable look.

4. Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is a versatile clothing that can be worn and even layered to your outfit, making it 10x more fashionable for any occasion. However, the most attractive and classic combination is a denim jacket with a cargo jeans outfit.

However, denim jackets come in various washes and styles, which include classic blue,  distressed, black, light wash, and more. Furthermore, you can pair it with olive-colored cargo pants, which help to create a versatile casual outfit suitable for a wide range of occasions, offering both style and comfort.

5. Cardigan 

A cardigan is a 90s clothing, which is a knitted type sweater that has an open front, which is also worn like a jacket. However, the cardigan has again begun to be trendy and fashionable item that can be used to elevate a casual cargo pants outfit into a more sophisticated look, pair them with a well-fitted cardigan.

Moreover, you can also go for lightweight, fine-knit fabrics for a refined and elegant appearance. Coordinate colors for solidarity; neutrals work well. Complete the attire with polished shoes, such as loafers or ankle boots, and a belt. Also, consider adding a sleek watch as an accessory for an extra touch of finesse.

6. Turtleneck Sweaters 

A turtleneck sweater is a classic menswear fabric that can brighten any outfit for a gala occasion. Similarly, you can also style a turtleneck sweater with cargo pants to achieve a cozy look, adding to the focus on layering. You can also opt for a soft, chunky knit turtleneck for warmth and texture, which can be feasible for fall and winter.

In the fall, you can pair a turtleneck sweater with cargo pants, adding up to leather ankle boots, while in winter, you can opt for knee-high or combat boots to wear with cargo pants that can provide additional warmth.

The versatility of cargo pants allows for various occasions, from casual outings to more formal settings, making this attire a practical and fashionable choice.

7. Varsity Jacket 

Varsity jackets paired with cargo pants derive a sporty-athletic look, which makes it quite unique and one of the best tops to wear with cargo pants in comparison to others. Earlier, varsity jackets were being worn as a part of sports teams playing baseball or basketball, which has now turned into casual daily wear.

Among all combinations, a varsity jacket and loose-fitted cargo pants top the list. Creating a boxy look, you can style them at a casual outing, such as a night stay at a friend’s place or a thrilling experience at an arcade. However, to go with varsity jackets and cargo pants, try putting on white sneakers for a casual yet sporty look, adding a baseball cap and a retro wristwatch for extra sophistication. 

8. Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Long-sleeve t-shirts or henley t-shirts are basic kinds of clothing that you can wear anywhere. By pairing a long-sleeve t-shirt and cargo pants, you can create a laid-back, trendy, and effortless outfit. Opt for graphic tees featuring logos, vintage artwork, or pop culture references to brew personality into the look. 

Additionally, slim-fit or tapered cargo pants offer a modern, well-balanced silhouette, which also effortlessly blends comfort and style, making it perfect for casual outings or relaxed gatherings.

9. Polo T Shirts 

Polo T-Shirts are one of the most versatile apparel and have become a staple requirement in most men’s wardrobe. Although polo shirts are being worn for formal events, sometimes tucked in a trouser for an event or business meetings, nowadays, as per the evolution of fashion, you can maintain a semi-casual appearance with cargo pants and a polo t-shirt, which complements your body shape.

Additionally, you can stick to solid colours or subtle patterns for arraying a versatile look. Also, you can pair a polo t-shirt and cargo joggers men’s outfit with clean, minimalist sneakers or loafers for a casual day out or a relaxed social gathering.

10. Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts are the latest trend that is popular among the youth. Previously, this trend was popular in the 1990s, when civilians and celebrities wore oversized clothes. However, it has made a comeback. Among other combinations, wearing oversized shirts and cargo pants creates a relaxed and modish look.

When paired with cargo pants, this trend improves the practicality of the outfit, as cargo pants offer ample storage, functionality, style, and comfort all at the same time. However, choosing different types of men’s casual shirts, such as button-downs, flannels, or graphic tees, is also imperative to add variety to your fashion wardrobe. Also, there are other oversized printed shirts for men, which can help you find a wide range of options that suit your style and preferences and potentially create magnifying cargo pants outfit ideas.


Cargo pants offer men a versatile and practical way to improve their fashion game. Be it with casual or rugged looks, cargo pants can be styled in several to suit your preferences and personality. Additionally, with their multiple pockets and durable design, they not only provide functionality but also add a touch of style to any outfit. Embrace cargo pants as a staple in your wardrobe for a fashionable and functional look. Whether clubbing, arcade or a night stay at a friend’s place, you can easily rely on cargo pants for sheer comfort and style.

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