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How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe for Men?

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe for Men?

If you are someone with a busy schedule who likes to look smart and fashionable, but tired of constantly changing fashion trends, then a capsule wardrobe is for you. Modern fashion is versatile and keeps on changing day in and day out, which creates a mesh into men’s wardrobes with outdated clothes, making someone confused and frustrated. To overcome this, creating a capsule wardrobe gives you fashion freedom while following timeless versatile fashion trends.

Seems Interesting. Isn’t it?

In this blog, we’ve covered the key components and multiple benefits of having a capsule wardrobe. Keep reading to upgrade your style and wardrobe.

A] What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a thoughtfully handpicked collection of essential clothing items that should be versatile, timeless, and interchangeable. The goal behind curating a capsule wardrobe is to have outfits that can be worn by mixing and matching without losing their timeless and evergreen charm.

This helps a person to reduce the clutters from their wardrobe by eliminating outdated attires and maximizing the collection of versatile outfits while incorporating fashion trends.

B] Why Would You Want A Capsule Wardrobe?

Here are some key points to give a general idea of having a capsule wardrobe in your space:

1. Simplify Daily Dressing

Regular changes in fashion trends keep you in a state of decision paralysis, where you may be bombarded with multiple clothing options which keeps you in a state of confusion. Capsule wardrobe brings a simplified version of fashion that reduces decision fatigue while dressing up for going out.

For example, versatile attires such as Polo T-shirts with jeans create an elegant and timeless look for your personality while reducing efforts in pairing choices.

2. Save Time and Money

Spending time and money to match with the new fashion trends may be the norm for you, but fashion enthusiasts don’t realize how much time and money they waste when they see their fashionably outdated clothes in men’s wardrobes.

That’s why curating a capsule wardrobe with timeless versatile essential clothes for guys will lead to saving lots of time, energy, and hard-earned money while freeing you from constantly changing fashion trends.

3. Sustainability

Sometimes high pace of fashion trends makes us feel tired and duped. They consume our time, energy, and money with no guarantee of sustainability. Curating your timeless and elegant capsule wardrobe will move you into the money-saving and energetic mode with a full guarantee of sustainability.

Here, a classic, elegant, sophisticated, and truly timeless wardrobe essential, a formal shirt for men would be a great example of sustainability.

4. Enhance Personal Style 

Going with the current fashion trends keeps you in a mode of copy and paste, where curating your wardrobe with timeless garments gives you the freedom to create your personal fashion style while saving you from the tiring journey of coming and going fashion trends.

C] What Are The Benefits Of Building A Capsule Wardrobe?

Building a capsule wardrobe offers several benefits that contribute to a simplified and sustainable clothing experience that further enhances your appearance and makes you confident.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Clutter Free: The capsule closet offers a minimalist wardrobe for men while taking out useless and outdated attires.
  • Optimized Space: The perfect capsule benefits include an optimized space for your wardrobe by reducing the extra unused or outdated clothes from the closet.
  • Reduced Impulse Buying: Being in the current fashion trends promotes impulsive buying behaviour, a capsule closet can reduce impulsive buying habits by incorporating various timeless clothes.
  • Versatile: Curating a capsule wardrobe gives a timeless look to your personality without being bored or out of trend.
  • Simplified Outfit Planning: Being in the fashion trends takes away lots of time to select and match pairs while a curated capsule closet simplifies your outfit planning to a minimum extent.
  • Travel-Friendly: Capsule wardrobe clothes are extremely travel-friendly because they don’t take up too much space in your backpacks.

D] Key Components Of A Stylish Capsule Wardrobe For Men

Creating a stylish and versatile capsule wardrobe for men should involve selecting high-quality pieces of attire that can mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits. Here are some key points to consider while curating men’s essential wardrobe:

1. Tops

First, a capsule wardrobe should be equipped with various men’s tops including Classic shirts, plain tees, and versatile sweaters. These men’s wardrobe essentials are great for creating stylish options for the office, after-work drinks, and weekend outfits.

At least, three long-sleeved bottom-down neutral colours (white, light blue grey, etc) or Solid Shirts are recommended for creating an easy and simplified outfit. These shirts will also act as layering attire with your blazers and formal jackets.

Include 3 to 5 plain staple colours (black, white, navy, and grey) tees. These tees will serve as a versatile base for layering or giving you a casual look in general and will act as layering cloth for shirts and blazers.

Add 2 to 4 versatile sweaters in classic colours such as navy, grey, burgundy, or olive. Crewneck or V-neck sweaters can easily be layered over shirts or tees for added warmth and style.  The thickness of these sweaters may be decided as per the temperature conditions of that location.

2. Bottoms

Aim to include around 2 to 4 pairs of well-fitted trousers in neutral colours such as navy, charcoal grey, khaki or black. These trousers can be paired with shirts and tees, depending on your style and place.

Add 1 to 3 pairs of classic and well-fitted jeans in a dark wash such as indigo or black. These jeans can serve as a foundation for both shirts and tees for a timeless look and feel.

3. Shorts

Include 2 to 4 pairs of casual shorts in various colours such as khaki, navy, or olive. Add 1 to 2 pairs of athletic shorts for workouts and sports activities. 2 pair of swim shorts, if you swim frequently. Or, you can adjust the type of shorts based on your location’s climate.

4. Outerwear

Aim to include 2 to 3 functional jackets that are suitable for different weather conditions. Include 1 to 2 blazers to give you a classy and professional look when needed. Consider these blazers for pairing with casual outfits to give you a timeless look.

5. Shoes

Include 1 to 2 pairs of sneakers in neutral colours such as white, grey, or black. These sneakers are versatile enough to pair with causal look and feel. The motive behind this is to give your wardrobe a casual look for hangouts outside of your professional regime.

Add 1 to 2 pairs of Chelsea or desert boots with neutral colours such as brown or black to pair with casual or semi-formal outfits. Also, include 1 to 2 pairs of black or brown classic Oxford or Derby shoes for a formal and professional look.

6. Accessories

Include 1 to 2 Pairs of minimalistic watches with neutral-coloured straps and clean dials. 1 to 2 high-quality belts in classic colours like black or brown. 1 to 2 high-quality bags such as briefcases, messenger bags, or daily-use backpacks. Include enough amount of underwear to support your daily needs.


When talking about fashion trends it is very legible to say that thе rеalm is highly unpredictable and bound to change frеquеntly and that leads to a constant struggle of choosing what to wear. To minimizе thеsе daily strugglеs, building an optimized capsulе wardrobе is rеcommеndеd. This wardrobe will ensure that your apparels are arranged and is еquippеd with timеlеss and classy-looking clothes.

At Thomas Scott, we have a wide range of shirts, t-shirts and bottom wear which can help you elevate your look, without breaking the bank.

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