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What Are Chinos And How To Style Them?

What Are Chinos And How To Style Them?

Originated in the American military, chinos have become the most practical and versatile trousers for men in 2024. They are made from breathable cotton fabric, allowing for stretch and making them the most comfort able pant option. Unlike their pleated, often dressier cousins, chinos sport a sleek, streamlined silhouette with minimal fuss. Whether gracing a casual Friday at work or a weekend outing, chinos bridge the gap between jeans and dress pants, making them a wardrobe essential for the modern adventurer.

But if you’re unsure about the fittings and how to wear chinos, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Keep reading the blog to learn more!

A] What Are Chinos?

Chinos are a type of pants for men with special features. These pants are versatile, combining modern style and functionality. Unlike other pants, chinos look more polished, they are wider in design and are available in multiple colours.

The pockets in chinos are smaller compared to other pants. However, chinos are the only pants that you can wear in an important office meeting or presentation, as well as at a casual event.

B] How Chinos Should Fit?

When you’re looking for the perfect chinos, it’s like finding the right balance between looking sharp and feeling comfy. Keeping the length just above your shoes gives you that clean, polished vibe without any weird bunching up. Now, there’s no strict rulebook, but imagine the ideal chino fit as this slim-straight style. It’s tailored enough to look good but still lets you move with ease from your waist down to your shoes.

Speaking of the waist, you want it snug enough to ditch the belt but not so tight that it’s leaving its mark. Move down to the hips, avoid that extra fabric on the sides, but give yourself some room, especially for those bending moments, so you don’t end up with any accidental tears and feel embarrassed. And before you buy those chinos, check that they fit nicely around your seat and crotch and match your preferred length. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between looking put together and feeling relaxed in your chinos.

Now let’s find an ideal thigh fit! You should aim for a snug fit that lets you move freely, like slim but not too tight. Then, move down to the calves. If putting on a sock feels like a wrestling match with your pants, they might be too tight there.

If your ankles are on the slender side, go for a more tapered look. But if they’re on the bigger side, a slimmer or straight fit might be the way to go. Now, the length. Consider how much break you want. A slight break works for almost everyone. Shorter individuals can even go for a no-break style, adding a touch of extra coolness to the mix. It’s all about finding that perfect balance for a comfortable and stylish fit.

C] How To Style Chinos Pants?

1. With T-shirt

In men’s wardrobe essentials, the t-shirt is the staple item. You can pair them with pants, jeans, trousers and any other bottoms. But today, chinos and t-shirts have become a universal combination. If you want to give a classy casual look, pair a white or black t-shirt with chinos.

The versatility of chinos with t-shirts lets you experiment with numerous styles, so why wait? Pair grey or navy tees with white sneakers for a laid-back feel; avoid formal shoes like monk straps. Stick to sneakers or boat shoes for that relaxed vibe. Are you feeling adventurous? Go for bold choices like rustic orange or blue chinos.

2. With Shirt

Men’s casual shirts and chinos make a great attire combination. Especially the white crips ones. They’re a game changer. You can go for a casual, laid-back look with neutral-coloured shirts and sleeves rolled up. Just button your shirt up and throw on a pullover for a cool contrast.

When you want to upgrade the dressiness just a bit, pair a printed shirt with your chinos. A linen button-down or a classic flannel shirt is just the ticket. You can play with patterns and stripes, just don’t go overboard on the colours; keep it balanced. For a clean and casual statement, try gingham shirts with your favourite pair of chinos and some stylish loafers.

3. With Blazer

Chinos with blazer, create an outfit that is both polished and versatile, perfect for everything from business meetings to weekend brunches. The key to nailing chinos with a shirt and blazer combo lies in balancing proportions and textures. Choose to wear slim-fit chinos in neutral hues like navy, khaki, or olive, and pair them with a blazer in a complementary or contrasting colour or you can pair them with check shirts. A crisp white formal shirt for men and leather shoes add a touch of formality, while a patterned pocket square can show personality.

The magic of this attire lies in its ability to elevate your look without sacrificing comfort. Chinos offer a relaxed fit that’s more forgiving than traditional suit trousers, while the blazer adds structure and polish. The result is an outfit that is both stylish and effortless, making you look sharp without feeling overdressed.

4. With Polo Shirt

Make your look effortlessly cool by teaming up a polo shirt with chinos. It’s that perfect blend of looking sharp and feeling relaxed. Choose classic colours like navy or khaki for your chinos and match them with a timeless polo shirt. Want to kick it up a notch? Toss on a blazer for some extra style.

Now, for a touch of flair, experiment with your choice of shoes, a pair of dark brown leather loafers can add a stylish lift to your overall appearance.

D] Different Types Of Shoes With Chino Pants

1. Loafers With Chinos

Dressing up your chinos with loafers is a surefire way to nail that smart casual vibe effortlessly. Loafers and chinos just click, creating an instantly refined yet relaxed look. Thinking of laid-back vibes? Pair men’s floral shirts with suede loafers are your go-to for those easygoing or semi-casual settings. But if you’re aiming for a bit more fancy, slide into some full-grain or top-grain leather loafers.

The key? Snug-fitting chinos, no doubt. Whether it’s the smooth feel of leather or the casual charm of suede, this combo is a classic that plays well from chill hangouts to slightly fancier occasions comfort and style rolled into one timeless attire.

2. Chinos With Sneakers

Chino’s combination with sneakers is perfect for a casual and trendy look that blends comfort with style. Sneakers are instinctually casual footwear, making them the perfect choice to pair with chinos. They are easy to match with chinos, and white sneakers are a great choice if you are unsure about the colour.

Minimalistic, low-top sneakers in neutral tones like white, black, or grey are considered the most versatile and stylish with chinos. This combination is perfect for casual events, but it’s best to avoid it for very formal events, black-tie occasions, or conservative business settings.


Chinos are versatile pants that show fashion can be simple. In this detailed guide, we covered how to style chinos and master the art of pairing. By implementing these tips in your daily life, you can give a polished look to your attire.

You can easily dress up or down with simple changes that can make a huge difference in how you look. From different colour combinations to various styles and fits, your entire outfit can change. The most important thing to ensure is that you feel comfortable in the outfit, boosting your confidence and elevating the overall look. At Thomas Scott, we offer a wide range of styles and colours of chinos that are high quality but affordable. Check out the collection now!

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