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How To Style Joggers: 10+ Outfit Ideas For Men 2024

How To Style Joggers: 10+ Outfit Ideas For Men 2024

Joggers are known to be one of the best ways to stay cool, and comfortable while giving you a casual look at the same time. They are designed to offer a sporty look while adding versatility to your outfit segments. Previously, joggers were made to fulfill athletic needs but they are now infused with various styling options.

To introduce those styling options, we have curated a blog post that focuses on how to style joggers with various pairing options and suitable accessories for multiple occasions. But first…

A] What Is A Jogger?

Joggers are sports attire that is lightweight, comfortable and comes with a baggy design at the top. They usually exhibit the athlete’s appearance while providing maximum mobility and comfort to the wearer. Joggers are made from materials such as cotton, fleece and polyester. Joggers are excellent for activities like running errands, playing sports and even hanging out with friends.

B] 11 Outfit Ideas For Styling Men’s Joggers

1. Casual Weekend Look

For a casual weekend look, joggers are an excellent choice to fill yourself with comfort and style. Pair a jogger with a laid-back graphic tee and complete your outfit with a pair of classic sneakers. This creates a casual yet easygoing look, perfect for unwinding on the weekends. You can accessories yourself with a baseball cap or sunglasses for a cool yet classy look. Whether you are going for brunch or hanging out with your friends, this gives an ideal balance between comfort and style.

2. Athleisure Chic

Athleisure chic styling is a combination of athletic wear and leisure wear for added style and functionality. This style gives the perfect balance between comfort and style which allows an individual to look cool while staying comfortable all day long. To dress up yourself with this style, pair tapered-leg joggers with fitted hoodies in a complementary colour. Complete your look by incorporating sleek and modern design sneakers. And, decorate yourself with accessories such as a baseball cap or crossbody bag for added style and functionality.

3. Smart Casual

A smart casual look would be the best styling option for a jogger lover who wants to craft a comfortable yet stylish men’s jogger outfit. Pair a neutral-coloured jogger with a button-down shirt and a bomber jacket and complete your ensemble with a clean white sneaker or minimalist leather shoes. Now, accessories yourself with an analogue watch to give yourself a clean and casual look.

4. Office Casual

While we know that joggers are not always office-friendly, there are some occasions when you can wear them. Joggers can be dressed for professional occasions such as casual Fridays or if you work in the back-end.  Further, these outfits are effortlessly turned into the after-office hangouts with friends and family. To opt for this jogger’s styling, pair a sleek and neutral-coloured jogger and choose button-down shirts to wear with joggers. Now, complete your styling by layering a tailored blazer and wearing a sleek loafer. You can roll up your shirt cuff to add a modern touch to your personality. You can accessorise an office casual look with analogue watches.

5. Street Style Edge

Street style edge is the invention of social media platforms where individuals can uniquely show their style by taking inspiration from the streets. To craft this look for yourself. opt for neutral-coloured stylish men’s joggers and pair them with a graphic tee or fitted sweater underneath the leather jacket for uniqueness and individuality. Now, complete your ensemble with statement accessories such as a beanie or chain necklace to further elevate your street-wear-inspired vibe.

6. Summer Vibes

To give yourself a summer-friendly look with a laid-back vibe, pair your joggers with a lightweight linen shirt and sandals. Choose a jogger that has a breathable fabric like cotton or linen to keep you cool in the scorching heat. Now, opt for a relaxed-fit linen shirt in a neutral colour and roll up the sleeve for an effortless look. This dressing style is ideal for casual outings with your friends or family.

7. Sporty Sophistication

For a sporty sophisticated look, joggers and T-shirt combinations would be a great option to opt out. Pair a solid colour or subtle pattern classic polo shirt and clean white sneakers for a refined and sophisticated appearance. Choose the joggers in neutral colours like black, navy or charcoal to maintain the sophisticated vibe. Apart from that, if you want to add a more casual tone to your appearance, replace the polo shirt with a polo T-shirt.

8. Urban Explorer

For a rugged yet stylish urban explorer look, opt for a neutral colour like olive or charcoal jogger and layer a lightweight utility vest over a plain T-shirt. Now, complete your outfit with rugged hiking boots to enhance your outdoor-inspired look. Accessories yourself with a beanie or baseball cap for a casual and classy finishing touch. However, you can replace the jogger with jeans for men, if you feel more comfortable in jeans than a jogger.

9. Night Out Ensemble

To prepare yourself for a night out with friends or your loved ones, opt for neutral-coloured joggers such as black and pair them with a neutral-coloured round neck and t-shirt. Complete your ensemble by wearing clean white sneakers and accessories with a bracelet and a watch to showcase a casual yet classy appearance.

10. Retro Revival

Pair the jogger with a vintage band tee and classic sneakers for a retro-revival look. You can elevate your look by layering shacket for added style and warmth. Now, complete your look by accessorising yourself with a baseball cap or retro sunglasses to enhance your vintage-inspired appearance.

11. Travel Comfort

Joggers are stapled outfits that are enriched with easy movement facilities. When opting for travel-friendly outfits for yourself, pair neutral colour joggers with a round-neck T-shirt and complete your ensemble with cool and classic white sneakers. Add a minimalistic watch to enhance your appearance even further. However, you can replace joggers with chinos, if you want a more sleek and clean look while travelling to your favourite places.


Joggers offer the essential qualities of a perfect outfit such as lightweight, comfort and mobility. They are designed to provide maximum ease and comfort while performing any physical exercises or going out with your friends and family. Follow the above outfit ideas to incorporate joggers into your daily activities and occasional styling needs.

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