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Styling Men’s Blazer Outfits: Ways To Wear Them

Styling Men’s Blazer Outfits: Ways To Wear Them

Blazers are standalone attires that add a touch of sophistication and elegance to one’s personality. Blazers are essential apparel for office-going and professionally active individuals. It offers several outfit options besides formal settings due to its versatility. Now, it is multipurpose attire and has become the man’s wardrobe essential.

In this context, we are going to discover various men’s blazer outfits that complement both casual and formal occasions in the company of several pairing options and accessories.

A] Understanding The Basics 

1. What Is A Blazer?

Traced back to the 1820s, the Blazer is a standalone attire that compliments the entire ensemble. Blazer offers sophisticated and elegant layering options for different occasions and settings. For example, layering a blazer with a formal shirt and pants would perfectly fit on formal occasions.  And, when paired with a T-shirt and comfy sneakers, it offers a semi-formal and casual look at the same time.

2. Types Of Blazers For Men

  • Cotton Blazer

Cotton blazers are known for their comfort and style. As they are made from cotton, they offer a breathable and easy environment that of a three-piece suit. They let you feel elegant and sophisticated during any casual gathering or occasion. Layering a cotton blazer with a T-shirt and jeans would be a great men’s blazer outfit for a laid-back and casual appearance.

  • Linen Blazer

Linen blazers are made from light and breathable fabric, ideal for summer and spring. It would be a great option for a man who wants a streamlined look with comfort and lightweights. It can be a men’s wardrobe essential for summertime due to its breathable fabric and moisture-resistance properties.

  • Corduroy Blazer

The corduroy blazer is made from twill weave fabric and offers a comfortable and lightweight design for men. The unique design patterns of corduroy blazers are enough to showcase your elegant and striking personality at any casual gathering or occasion.

B] How To Style A Blazer: Exploring The Way 

1. Casual Blazer With Jeans

Blazers are perfect standalone attire that adds sophistication and elegance to one’s personality while carrying a casual appearance. To opt for this look, layer a neutral-coloured blazer with casual shirts and dress-down denim jeans. Compliment your ensemble with sneakers and a leather-dial watch.

2. Blazer With Chinos

Another casual blazer look can be opted by pairing a polo shirt with chinos and layering the shirt with a neutral colour blazer. To complement your ensembles, choose casual or derby shoes and accessories with a leather dial watch.

3. Blazer With Cargo

Cargo with a blazer is a way to look casually stylish without trying too hard. Blazer offers you a touch of elegance and sophistication while cargo lets you show your casual personality. Pair cargo with a t-shirt and layer the blazer that complements the T-shirt colour.

4. Blazer With Formal Shirts

If you want to have a formal ensemble for your upcoming office meeting, choose a complementary colour formal shirt and layer a blazer that complements your chosen shirt. Pair these attires with snug and streamlined formal pants and complete your ensemble with dress shoes and a watch.

5. Blazer With T-shirts

The combination of a blazer, t-shirt and ribbed jeans can create an elegance yet a carefree look at the same time. To opt for this unique urban casual blazer look, Dress in a white v-neck t-shirt underneath the black blazer. And, pair this attire with lightly distressed jeans and white sneakers. Accessories yourself with a watch or beanies to offer more elevation to your blazer style.


Blazers are the epitome of a sophisticated and streamlined look. They offer an elegant appearance to various casual and formal ensembles. Blazers are known for their versatile and timeless appearance through streamlined men’s wardrobe styling. However, always choose those blazers that cling to your body and complement your skin colour.

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