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Flannel Shirts: Wrap Yourself In Plaid Perfection
Today, Flannel Shirts have become a must-have in any men’s smart-casual wardrobe. Made from a distinct woven fabric made of wool and cotton, in earlier times these shirts had gained popularity among the working class and farmers due to their lightweight, breathable nature, affordability, and excellent warmth.

These shirts suit various weather conditions, making them ideal for transitional seasons and winter, providing a timeless appeal and much-needed warmth. Now, these shirts have gained global recognition, becoming a common sight on streets worldwide.

At Thomas Scott, you’ll find a wide range of the best flannel shirts for men suitable for different occasions and preferences. Whether it’s for a casual day out or a more formal setting, you’ll find different patterns and styles of flannel shirts that combine practicality, comfort, and fashion-forward style.
A] Different Types Of Flannel Shirts
1. Solid Flannel Slim Fit Casual Shirt
This slim-fit flannel shirt is simple and clean. It comes in one colour without any patterns. It fits snugly and looks modern. You can wear it casually or for slightly dressier occasions. It’s comfortable and stylish. We have it available in black, olive, blue, green, maroon, off-white, orange, red, and yellow.
2. Large Checks Flannel Shirt
Flannel Check  Shirts have big, bold patterns. They usually have large squares in different colours or a combination of two colours. People who like to make a strong fashion statement and want themselves to get noticed in a room full of people opt for this shirt.
3. Small Checks Flannel Shirt
Unlike the big checks, these shirts have smaller, more subtle patterns. They usually have tiny squares in similar colours. They look more delicate and polished. These shirts work well for various occasions, from casual events to more formal settings. They offer a nice style without being too loud.
B] How To Style Flannel Shirts
Flannel shirts offer men’s style versatility. You can tuck them in, leave them out, or keep them unbuttoned, depending on your look. It’s about what makes you feel good. Tuck for a neat style, leave untucked for a relaxed vibe, or unbutton for a layered feel. Here are 5 different ways to style flannel shirts:
1. Flannel Shirts With Jacket
Flannel shirts and jeans make a stellar combination. To add an edgy touch, team your flannel shirt with a vibrant jacket for that mysterious vibe. Unlike sweaters or hoodies, a jacket offers flexibility and extra warmth, elevating the overall look. Whether with cargo or trousers, this flannel jacket attracts admiration everywhere, giving you that stylish edge and versatility you desire. It’s about merging layers for a look that’s both bold and effortlessly chic.
2. Flannel Shirts With Jeans
Pairing cotton flannel shirts with jeans is a timeless winner. The blend of denim and flannel is the epitome of casual cool. For a date night, rock your favourite denim alongside a flannel shirt and own the spotlight with a confident, stylish flair. It’s about that unbeatable combo that effortlessly stands out, making you feel both comfortable and fabulous wherever you go.
3. Flannel Shirt Paired With Chinos
When you match chinos with a flannel shirt, it’s like blending coolness with sophistication effortlessly. Tuck that plain flannel shirt in, throw on a snazzy belt, slide into some suede derby shoes, and voilà! You’ve got this laid-back, yet classy summer look that just feels right for any occasion.
4. T-Shirt Under Flannel Shirts
This style stands out as a top choice for men’s flannel outfits. Flannels are ideal for layering, especially with a white tee underneath, creating a timeless contrast. Leaving the flannel unbuttoned or rolling up sleeves halfway adds a laid-back charm. Combine with denim orjoggers to showcase a cool summer vibe.
5. Hoodie Under Flannel Shirts
To get a classy look, layer a hoodie under the flannel shirt. For this look make sure you wear an oversized flannel shirt and the colours are complementary. You can pair this up with chinos pants or jeanswith sneakers for an appealing look.
Whether you’re seeking a perfect blend of style and comfort, a durable shirt for outdoor activities, or a classic wardrobe staple, flannel shirts deliver on all fronts. From providing warmth and protection in various weather conditions to offering a stylish look for both casual and formal settings, flannel shirts are a must-have. Recently flannel shirts are in higher demand among the 9-5 working class individuals, the primary reason being comfortable and affordable.

At Thomas Scott, we have a wide collection of different patterns and colours of flannel shirts from just Rs.699. If you are looking for a high-quality shirt which looks appealing yet affordable, check out our collection.

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