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Formal shirts are the pinnacle of men’s fashion. Hardly any other men’s clothing item is as versatile, essential, or stylish as a quality formal shirt. From university presentations to work-life, Formal shirts are an integral part of the business world’s dress code and rightfully so. They can make any person look confident and fashionable without compromising comfort.

Formal shirts have been a part of men’s wardrobes since medieval times with very few changes to their design. This goes to show how timeless the simple design of a formal shirt is. Thomas Scott’s premium formal shirts keep true to their root, all while improving the comfort for the wearer.

A] The History of Formal Shirts 

Shirts date back to ancient times, but the shirts that we know and love now originated in the 16th century. Formal shirts, also known as dress shirts were first worn by men as undergarments to keep the expensive waistcoats and jackets from getting sweat, muck, and grime on them.

White formal dress shirts were immensely popular among upper-class men during the Victorian era as it was considered a status symbol. The phrase “white-collar” was most likely derived from here. Eventually, this inner garment slowly made its way to the outside, and ever since stayed a fixture in most men’s wardrobes.

During the 20th century, the rise of the Industrial Revolution facilitated innovation, leading to formal shirts in different patterns, dyes, and fabrics. Through subtle changes over the years, a formal shirt has become the pinnacle of modern men’s fashion.

B] Picking The Right Formal Shirts For Men 

  • Colour: When buying a shirt, you should not shy away from colours. However, bright and vibrant colours are usually reserved for casual shirts. Formal men’s shirts should preferably be in a neutral colour, such as white, grey, navy, sky blue, or black.
  • Pattern: Similar to colour, patterns also play an important role in showing your personality. While you can find shirts in several patterns, most formal dress codes insist on the use of plain formal shirts.
  • Fitting: Formal shirts are designed to be tucked in. And when you do so, it must feel just right, not too loose or too tight. It must feel comfortable and give you room to move without looking baggy.
  • Occasion: While there are several types of formal shirts, most are only appropriate for some occasions. It is vital to choose the appropriate colour, pattern, and style of shirt for the occasion.
  • Fabric: The choice of fabric for your shirt depends on the occasion and season. Formal shirts are generally designed from linen, cotton, or wool. It is best to avoid synthetic fabrics such as rayon and nylon.
  • Buttons: The mark of a premium-quality formal shirt is its buttons. Always make sure to check the quality of the buttons while choosing a formal shirt.

C] Here Is a List of Interesting Styles Of Formal Wear Shirts for Men That You Can Check Out

  • Formal Check Shirt: Generally, the checkered pattern is reserved for casual shirts; however, there has been a shift in this sentiment over the past decade. Dual-coloured check shirts where one of the colours is white are very popular for several occasions, including work conferences and meetings. Just remember to select smaller checks to keep it professional.
  • Printed Formal Shirts: Let’s be honest, printed shirts are casual shirts and semi-formals at best. However, there are certain occasions where light-printed shirts can work. Neutral-coloured shirts with equally spaced small floral or geometric patterns can be accepted in semi-formal occasions such as office parties or weddings.
  • Plain Formal Shirts: A solid-coloured formal button-up shirt is the poster boy for formal shirts. If you are just getting started with formal shirts, it is best to start with a plain shirt, preferably white. A plain formal shirt exudes timeless elegance and sophistication which is difficult to recreate using any other type of shirt.
  • Slim Fit Formal Shirts: Slim fit formal shirts refer to a style of shirts that sit a bit closer to the body. Slim-fit shirts can have any pattern from checks to printed or even plain. The defining characteristic of this type of shirt is that it forms a narrow silhouette around your body.
  • Office Formal Shirts: Formal work shirts are designed with high-quality fabrics, such as Oxford cotton or silk. Office formals are designed to provide unrivalled comfort for wearing throughout the day and still retain a wrinkle-free look. They usually have a stiff collar and cuffs and conservative colours and are paired with a pair of trousers.
  • Party Wear Formal Shirts: Party wear formal shirts are the opposite of office shirts. While they still have the recognisable formal shirt silhouette and cuffs, they are made for more fun occasions. They often have bright colours, interesting patterns, and a band collar, more suited for office parties, weddings, and other such occasions. You can wear these types of shirts with Jeans or chinos as opposed to only trousers.

D] Buy Formal Shirts for Men Online With Thomas Scott

At Thomas Scott, we understand the importance of the ever-evolving taste and needs in men’s formal wear. Hence, we have curated a list of premium formal shirts with unique colours, designs, and fabrics. The shirts we offer are very budget-friendly, without compromising on quality. At Thomas Scott, the average price range of formal shirts is between 650 INR to 950 INR.

Browse our collection of formal shirts to find the one that suits your taste and fits your body! Shop today from Thomas Scott.

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