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A Collection Of Luxury Shirts For Men

Upgrade your wardrobe with our luxury formal shirts because, let’s face it, that same old shirt won’t cut it for your big presentations. We get it; you need something that stands out. Luxury shirts are the secret weapon every guy needs. But why are they special? Well, these shirts aren’t your average ones.

They fit perfectly, like they were made just for you, have top-notch fabric, and just that extra touch of class. We understand choosing can be a bit much, but don’t worry we’re here to help you pick the right luxury shirt.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Men’s Luxury Shirt 

1. Fit

Choosing the right fit of luxury cotton shirt is like tailoring luxury to your personal style. Our men’s luxury shirts offer a variety of options to suit your unique body type and preferences. Select from S, M, L, XL 2XL fits, ensuring a shirt that feels just right. With some brands, you can also tailor your look further by choosing shoulder types, whether average or sloping and explore fits like super slim, structured, or relaxed.

The slim fit, a popular choice, offers a sleek yet comfortable look. On the other hand, the relaxed fit provides more freedom of movement. You can pair it with chinos or jeans for a refined look.

2. Fabric

The fabric of your dress shirt sets the tone for its appearance, comfort, and durability. Our luxury dress shirts are crafted from top-notch materials, including high-quality cotton, linen, Polyamide, lycra, and knit. Cotton dress shirts come in three types: 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton, and stretch cotton. Among these, Egyptian cotton stands out as the pinnacle of quality.

For a lightweight and breathable option, linen is an excellent choice. If you aim for luxury in party wear, silk, although requiring a bit more care, is a splendid fabric known for its luxury. Choose the fabric that suits your style and comfort needs, ensuring a shirt that not only looks good but lasts longer.

3. Colour

Choosing the right colour for your dress shirt is crucial. Consider your skin tone—darker colours for fair skin add vibrance. For workplace flexibility, experiment with vibrant tones, but stick to classic white or blue for strict dress codes. Earthy tones like jungle green and brown offer a stylish twist, while lighter shades of pink, yellow, and red bring flair to business casual attire. Casual events? Explore designer luxury party wear shirts in various colours and pair them with joggers. Wedding Function? Explore luxury designer shirts in multiple designs and patterns and pair them with cargo.


Step into the world of Thomas Scott, where style meets heart! Our brand is more than just clothing; it’s a reflection of your unique taste and the care we put into each piece.

Here each piece of luxury shirt for men is carefully designed to showcase quality and refined taste. From meticulously chosen designs to premium materials, Thomas Scott goes beyond just clothing it’s a statement of class.

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