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Stylish Chinos For Men, Where Classic Meets Contemporary

Did you know? The first ever chinos were made in India, during the 19th century as a variation of khaki trousers. It was made for British soldiers who figured that chinos were a more durable piece of clothing than red wool coats for battleground wear. 

Made from premium twill fabrics, these cotton chinos for men ensure a flawless and stylish look. Chino pants are classic and versatile and can be styled for various occasions from formal to informal. These pants are available in various colours such as beige, brown, navy, blue, light brown, grey, black and many more.

A] Exploring The Classic Shades Of Chino Pants For Men

  • Beige: Beige chinos offer a clean and timeless look suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions. They are easy to pair with almost any shirt or shoes, making them an essential for every man’s wardrobe.
  • Brown: Brown chino pants add warmth and depth to your outfit. They work well with earthy tones and can be a great choice to wear during winter.
  • Green: Shades of green chinos such as olive green or dark green maintain a subtle and sophisticated look. It can be easily paired with neutral-coloured shirts.
  • Navy: Navy chinos are a classic versatile and easy-to-style colour. It’s a great alternative to blue jeans. They are also called chinos jeans and can be worn with a variety of shirt colours and are suitable for both business-casual and casual occasions.
  • Grey: Grey chinos offer a contemporary yet classy look paired with a plain white shirt. It adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit.
  • Black: Black is a classic colour and often the go-to choice for chino pants for a sleek and polished appearance. They are perfect for casual occasions as well as formal occasions and can be worn with dressier shirts and shoes. 
  • Blue: Blue chinos, often in light blue or dark blue shades, offer a refreshing twist on the classic denim look. They are versatile and can be paired with a wide range of colours, making them suitable for various occasions.

B] Effortless Chinos Outfit For Men For Different Occasions

  • Date Night: Planning a date night? Opt for a neutral-coloured dress shirt, such as white, light blue, or grey, and pair it with chinos to leave a lasting impression. In colder weather, you can add a layer by wearing a sweater to elevate the look and complete it with a pair of classy loafers.
  • Fun Trips: For a fun trip, go for a bold-coloured or graphic-printed t-shirt and pair it with oversized chinos and sneakers. To add some personality, layer on a denim jacket and finish the look with brown or black leather boots.
  • Casual Brunch/Dinner: When you are going for brunch with friends or family, combine chinos with a button-down shirt and loafers. When it’s dinner time, switch to a neutral-coloured white or grey polo shirt with sneakers.
  • Fancy Weddings: For a fancy wedding, choose a classic-coloured dress shirt, such as white or light blue, and complement it with a tie and suit jacket in coordinating colours. Pair it with a checked chinos pant design and complete the look with brown or black leather dress shoes.
  • The Office Look: When you must give an important presentation or require a more professional appearance, pair your chinos with a formal shirt and shoes. Opt for a classic-coloured dress shirt like white or light blue, and complement it with brown or black leather dress shoes.


Crafted with precision from high-quality cotton fabric and woven using the gap twill technique, these pants are a true masterpiece. The versatile texture complements any look you desire. With Thomas Scott discover the effortless style of our fashion-forward casual pants.

We know how crucial the right fabric and perfect fit are when it comes to chino pants. That’s why our collection offers a wide range of colours and styles. And the price range varies from INR 869 to 4,199 Explore our latest collection today and begin your journey where fashion seamlessly blends with comfort, allowing you to confidently express your unique style.

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