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Big And Bold: Plus Size Mens Clothing

Fashion usually focuses on making clothes for slim people, which can make those who wear larger sizes feel left out. However, regardless of body size, everyone deserves the opportunity to express themselves through fashion.

Recognising this, there has been a significant increase in awareness about the importance of inclusivity in clothing. This shift in perspective has led to a surge in the design and availability of xxxl clothing, ensuring that individuals of all sizes have access to stylish and comfortable clothing options.

Moreover, the demand for plus-size clothes is rising as people support body positivity and diversity in fashion. Many brands, including ours, are expanding their size ranges and creating special lines for plus-size individuals.

A] Types Of Plus Size Shirts

1. Plus Size Opaque Casual Shirt 

This type of shirt is typically casual in style, meaning it’s more relaxed and suitable for everyday wear rather than formal occasions. The fabric is not transparent or sheer, providing full coverage. This shirt can be a perfect plus-size party outfit if styled correctly.

2. Premium Plus Size Casual Shirt

These plus-size shirt dresses are made with attention to detail, using premium materials and techniques to ensure durability and comfort. This may feature finer details or sharper finishes compared to standard casual shirts.

3. Plus Size Cotton Casual Shirt

These shirts are crafted with comfort and versatility in mind, making them suitable for everyday wear and casual occasions. The use of cotton fabric ensures breathability and softness against the skin, making it ideal for all-day wear.

4. Plus Size Slim Fit Shirt

Despite being designed for larger body types, these shirts are made with a narrower cut around the torso and arms to provide a more streamlined appearance. This plus-size fashion is particularly flattering for those who prefer a sleeker look without sacrificing comfort.

5. Plus Size Band Collar Casual Shirt

This shirt features a collar without fold-over points, offering a clean and minimalist look. It’s associated with casual wear and provides a relaxed yet stylish appearance, suitable for various occasions.

6. Plus Size Micro Checked Shirt

This large-size shirt consists of tiny squares or rectangle patterns woven into the fabric, called micro checks. It offers a comfortable fit and can be worn for both casual and semi-formal occasions, providing a stylish look.

7. Plus Size Tartan Checked Shirt

A Tartan Checked Shirt features the traditional tartan pattern, known for its crisscrossed bands in multiple colours, associated with Scottish culture. These shirts add heritage and style, suitable for various occasions from casual outings to formal events, depending on design and styling.

B] How To Style Plus Size Shirts For Men:

1. Find the Right Fit

When it comes to plus-size shirts, finding the right fit is important for a polished finish and comfortable look. Look for shirts that are specifically designed for larger body types, ensuring they provide enough room in the shoulders, chest, and waist without feeling too tight or baggy. Look for styles with a slightly tapered waist to avoid a boxy appearance when paired with plus-size trousers.

2. Experiment with Patterns And Colours

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and colours to add personality to your outfit. While solid colours are versatile and timeless, also try out bold patterns like plaids, checks, stripes, or florals. For a modern twist, consider colour-blocking or mixing patterns for a unique look.

3. Layering

Keep your plus-size shirt as the base layer and add a lightweight jacket, cardigan, or vest on top. You can also layer with accessories like scarves for added style. Just ensure that you don’t overdo it. For a balanced look, aim to only go with two to three layers.


Remember it is not about just size, but also the fit, colours, patterns and most importantly how you carry yourself. The aim is to feel good and confident in your body.  At Thomas Scott, we believe everyone should find fashionable clothes that fit them well. That’s why we have a wide range of plus-size shirts. They come in different styles and designs, priced between Rs.799 and Rs.1129. Shop Now!

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