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Shirt Hub: Every Men’s Fashion Essential!

Step into the world of men’s shirts at Thomas Scott! Our collection is perfect for any occasion – whether it’s a meeting, a trip, or a party. We’ve created these shirts to be comfy, stylish, and budget-friendly. They’re made from high-quality fabric, so you’ll feel super comfy and look cool too. From formal to casual, our shirts have you covered for any event. 

Upgrade your wardrobe with our quality shirts that keep you comfy and looking sharp. Explore Thomas Scott’s men’s shirts for a blend of comfort and style that’s just right!

A] Different Types Of Shirts For Men

1. Striped Cotton Shirt

This is one of the stylish shirts for men and can never go out of fashion and make you stand out from the crowd. These strips are designed precisely to create an elegant and sophisticated look. If you are planning to dress up for a special event or for a boardroom meeting, this shirt will add an elegant touch to your look. 

2. Oxford Cricket Club Full Sleeves Shirt

If you are a cricket fan or an athlete this Oxford shirt is perfect for you. It provides unparalleled comfort with coverage and warmth making it ideal for everyday wear. This full-sleeved shirt gives a polished look and can be worn in a smart-casual setting as well while playing sports. 

3. Navy Performance Four Way Solid Stretch Slim Fit Shirt

Made from a soft and breathable fabric the material of this shirt ensures that you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. If you are planning for an evening with family or friends this is an ideal option to choose.

4. Formal Full Sleeves Shirt

This formal shirt is a must-have for those who love to look stylish and classy. With full sleeves, it’s a perfect choice for making a great impression while staying relaxed. You can also wear it over a t-shirt for a chilled-out, casual style.

5. Half Sleeves Solid Shirt

Featuring half sleeves this trendy shirt for men offers a minimalist look which is suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions. The breathable fabric and lightweight nature make this half sleeve shirt a popular choice during summer. At Thomas Scott, this solid shirt is available in various colours such as olive, black, peach and blue. 

B] Different Occasions For Men To Wear Shirts

1. Athletic Activities 

Stay comfy during sports or workouts with shirts that move with you. Avoid wearing a white shirt and choose sweat-wicking fabrics that keep you dry. Pair these shirts with sporty bottoms like shorts for easy movement and flexibility.

2. Casual Outings 

Keep it laid-back yet stylish for hangouts. Choose a cosy floral shirt or printed shirt in relaxed styles such as plaid or plain colours. You can combine them effortlessly with comfy jeans or chinos for a cool and relaxed vibe. 

3. Beach Wear 

Enjoy the relaxed beach vibes with light and breezy flannel shirts in materials like linen or loose cotton. Pair them with easy shorts or swim trunks for a carefree, beach-ready look. You can also wear a printed shirt for a romantic dinner date on the beach paired with shorts.

4. Brunch Or Lunch Dates 

Choose a sleek men’s casual shirt such as polo or button-downs for a refined look. You can pair them with well-fitted jeans or chinos for a stylish and comfortable look.

5. Smart-Casual Occasions: 

Upgrade your style with well-fitted check shirts or Irish linen shirt. Team them up with sleek pants or chinos for a refined, smart-casual ensemble perfect for semi-formal events.


Explore an extensive collection of men’s shirt dresses suitable for every occasion, ranging from Rs.619 to Rs. 999. At Thomas Scott, our range of branded shirts for men offers stylish options at pocket-friendly prices. Our shirts combine quality fabric and affordability, ensuring you upgrade your style without exceeding your budget. Discover trendy designs and versatile choices that suit your personality. Shop now and redefine your wardrobe with our affordable yet fashionable shirts, making a statement effortlessly.

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