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The Ultimate Guide To Types of Joggers For Men In 2023

The Ultimate Guide To Types of Joggers For Men In 2023

Over the years, Joggers have immensely gained popularity in men’s fashion. Initially, joggers were worn for athletic activities but now have become a famous choice in casual and streetwear fashion. Their relaxed fit, tapered legs, and elastic cuffs offer a unique blend of comfort and style. Also, they provide a versatile option for men, allowing them to effortlessly transition from a workout session to a casual outing or gathering in no time.

Furthermore, the rise in popularity of joggers can be identified by their ability to strike a balance between comfort and style, which also caters to the man’s modern desire for functionality and dapper looks. As a result, joggers have become a must-have item in every fashion-conscious man’s wardrobe.

Top 9 Types Of Joggers For Men To Blend Comfort And Style

1. Athletic Joggers

Athletic joggers are one of the most common types of jogger pants, initially tailored for wearing at athletic and sporty events mostly worn for working out at the gym and other activities. They are typically made of breathable and lightweight materials such as nylon and polyester, which provide comfort and flexibility and have been renowned as comfortable cotton blend joggers.

It also includes features such as an elastic waistband with a drawstring for a secure fit, tapered legs with elastic cuffs at the ankles, and multiple pockets for storing small essentials like a phone, wallet, or keys. Additionally, these joggers can be styled in casual, athleisure, and sporty looks for outings or gatherings.

2. Jogger Sweatpants

Jogger sweatpants are a type of athletic wear that is tailored for pursuing comfort and style. They are typically made of soft and breathable fabric like cotton and polyester, featuring an elastic waistband and tapered legs. These pants are characterised by their relaxed fit, allowing mobility during physical activities, and their modish, fashionable designs, which also make them suitable for wearing outside the gym.

Still, various questions are raised, like “What are jogger pants?” and “How can you create a comfortable yet stylish look with jogger sweatpants?” For creating a comfortable and stylish outfit with jogger sweatpants, you need to look for certain factors, such as choosing the correct fabric, pairing with fitted tops, using appropriate accessories, or you can even consider layering. 

3. Parachute Joggers

Parachute joggers, also known as parachute pants, are one of the most classy and trendy types of joggers that come in loose-fitting and are typically made of durable and lightweight nylon fabric. Originally, parachute pants were inspired by the design of military parachute pants, known for their particular baggy style with tapered legs and elasticised cuffs.

Moreover, there are a few ways you can style parachute joggers or pants, which include a sporty look, elevated athleisure, casual streetwear, monochromic appearance, and more. 

4. Skinny Joggers 

Skinny joggers, or slim-fit joggers, are a type of joggers that combine the comfort of joggers with slim-fit look. They are typically made of a stretchy material such as cotton or polyester blends, which allows maximum mobility. 

People used to generally opt for these skinny joggers due to changes in trends occasionally, but it has now shifted to baggy and oversized styles. In addition, there are various styling options you can choose for a trendy appearance, which involves street style, dressing in casual like mens casual shirts, monochrome chic, or oversized layering. 

5. Fleece Joggers 

Fleece is a synthetic fabric composed of polyester that undergoes special processing to create a material that is thick and warm while being light and soft. Although there are various types of fleece available, each varies in density and appearance.

In recent years, Fleece joggers have gained vast popularity due to their versatility and relaxed style. You can also combine it with different outfit ideas, such as casual streetwear, cozy loungewear, or dressy-casual attire. Additionally, this jogger style can be highly suitable, comfortable, and relaxed for the winter season. 

6. Denim Joggers 

Denim joggers are a stylish and comfortable alternative to traditional jeans. This type of clothing combines the relaxed fit of the elasticized waistband of joggers with the timeless appeal of denim fabric. Denim joggers can make you aim for a sleek and modern look as they taper towards the ankles, which creates streamlined silhouettes.

Additionally, when it comes to styling denim joggers for men, a basic and solid-colored t-shirt can help you create a casually effortless look.  Moreover, for slightly dressier occasions, you can pair them with a button-down or a flannel shirt and consider rolling up the sleeves for a more relaxed feel. Ultimately, complete your outfit with a pair of white chunky sneakers, offering a clean and versatile option, while loafers contrastingly add a touch of sophistication.

7. Cargo Joggers 

Cargo joggers are versatile and functional apparel that combines the comfort of the joggers with the added utility of cargo pants. The cargo joggers are specifically helpful for outdoor activities, like hiking or travelling, as they allow you to keep essentials easily accessible without the need for carrying an extra bag or a fanny pack. The pockets are tailored to securely hold items, ensuring they don’t fall out during motion.

Furthermore, in terms of styling, cargo joggers can offer a rugged yet fashionable look. Their military-inspired design and functional features add a touch of ruggedness to an outfit, which can be effortlessly paired with polo t-shirts or hoodies. 

8. Chino Joggers 

It is expected to get confused between chinos and khakis; however, both of them share different types of purposes and styles. Chinos are tailored to be streamlined and provide a well-fitted look.

Chino joggers, especially cotton blend chino joggers, possess a classic and versatile appeal that blends effortlessly with comfort and style. Additionally, characteristics like their relaxed fit, elastic waistband, and tapered legs make them suitable for various occasions, such as casual gatherings and semi-formal events.

9. Twill Joggers 

Twill fabric is a type of textile determined by its diagonal weave pattern. It is typically used to make joggers, as it is characterised as a durable and comfortable material commonly used for casual wear.

However, you can incorporate twill joggers into your daily wear by pairing them with a simple t-shirt or a casual shirt. Alternatively, if you prefer a more fashion-forward, trendy, or elegant look, style your twill joggers with a graphic t-shirt or a hoodie, completing it with a pair of chunky sneakers or boots for a fashion statement.


There are multiple types of joggers for men available, offering an exciting array of styles to choose from. By looking at these options, you can discover your unique blend of comfort and fashion. Whether you prefer classic joggers, tapered fits, or bold patterns, don’t be afraid to experiment and express your personal style. These joggers can be styled in various styles and occasions, such as casual and semi-casual events, workout sessions, lounging, etc.

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What kind of jogger is the most stylish?

Slim-fit joggers are the most stylish type of joggers with tapered legs, which provide a more polished and tailored look.

What kind of joggers should I buy?

One should buy joggers that can go for all occasions. For instance, purchase a navy-colored jogger. This jogger can be worn for working out, travelling, and lounging. Navy blue is a versatile colour which can even be paired with a simple white t-shirt.

Which body types should wear joggers?

Individuals of various body types can wear joggers, as they are versatile and comfortable. However, one should look out for appropriate joggers that fit them well.

Are chino joggers appropriate for semi-formal occasions?

Chino joggers are inclined more towards a relaxed and comfortable fit. They can be dressed up to some extent but cannot be an appropriate choice for semi-formal occasions. However, for semi-formal events, you can typically opt for dress pants or trousers.

How do I care for different types of joggers to maintain their quality?

Proper care for different types of joggers depends on their material. For instance, for cotton joggers, wash in cold water and tumble dry low. For synthetic materials, on the other hand, use a gentle cycle and air dry. Additionally, it’s important to check the care label to follow specific instructions.

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