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A Closer Look At Men’s Shirt Patterns: From Plaid To Floral

A Closer Look At Men’s Shirt Patterns: From Plaid To Floral

Shirts are a crucial part of every man’s wardrobe. While shirts are often regarded as mundane, uninspired, and a safe choice it couldn’t be further from the truth. Men’s shirts are available in a variety of patterns such as plaid, stripes, floral, etc. Trying out different men’s shirt patterns can transform a wardrobe from mundane and boring to a canvas for self-expression.

Wearing the shirt pattern that resonates the most with your personality can not only help to improve your look but also your confidence. Each pattern is made for a unique occasion such as an evening out with friends or formal events, and wearing the appropriate pattern can make you stand out. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the various types of popular shirt patterns for men to help you elevate your style. 

Exploring The Different Types Of Shirt Patterns For Men!

1. Plaid/Flannel

The plaid pattern is a classic style of horizontal and vertical strips of varying colours and widths, intercepting each other. Plaid shirts originated from Scotland and were often made from flannel fabrics, as a result, they are sometimes called flannel shirts. There are a number of variations of plaid shirts, here are some of them:

  • Tartan Plaid Shirts: Tartan plaid shirts are the classic checked design inspired by Scottish tartans. They are a perfect blend of the timeless charm of Scottish heritage and modern style.
  • Gingham Plaid Shirts: Gingham plaid shirts have smaller squares formed by criss crossing horizontal and vertical lines of the same width. They are casual shirts that can be worn at picnics and evening outings.
  • Madras Plaid Shirts: Madras plaid shirts have a similar pattern to the tartan design, however are much lighter. Madras shirt patterns are made from cotton and are best for wearing in warm weather.
  • Buffalo Plaid Shirts: Buffalo plaid shirts are easily recognizable due to their iconic red and black stripe pattern. They have a rugged manly vibe to them and convey a vintage look. 
  • Windowpane Plaid Shirts: Windowpane shirt patterns have a large grid-like pattern that resembles window panes, hence the name. These check shirts are classic yet provide a timeless aesthetic.
  • Shepherd’s Check Plaid Shirts: Shepherd’s checks have contrasting coloured stripes, generally white and black. However, this design has a twill weave which creates small double-toned squares at the intersection of the two lines.
  • Prince of Wales Plaid Shirts: The Prince of Wales plaid is defined by its minute checkered patterns in neutral colours such as grey and brown. They are perfect for formal occasions when paired with a blazer or you can dress them down and wear them with a pair of jeans.
  • Tattersall Plaid Shirts: Tattersall plaid shirts have evenly spaced checks in two or more colours. They are very versatile and can be dressed up or down.

Plaid shirts are very versatile and can be worn for any occasion from formal business meetings to family outings. They can be paired with formal trousers, jeans, jackets, blazers, etc., to create unique combinations. 

2. Stripes

Men’s shirts with parallel lines running in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal pattern are called stripe-pattern shirts. The stripes shirt pattern is a versatile pattern that can be incorporated into almost any dress code. They have a great effect on the wearer’s silhouette as well, making you look either taller or slimmer depending on the direction of the stripes. Here are some examples of stripe shirts:

  • Vertical Stripe Shirts: Shirts with vertical stripes have an elongated effect on the wearer. They can make you look taller and slimmer. They are commonly seen on formal shirts.
  • Horizontal Stripe Shirts: As opposed to vertical stripes, horizontal stripes are more relaxed and suited for casual occasions. 
  • Diagonal Stripe Shirts: The diagonal stripe pattern is a new and dynamic addition to men’s fashion. They break away from the conventional pattern to add a bold statement.
  • Pinstripe Shirts: Pinstripe shirts have thin stripes running down the shirt to add more sophistication. They are usually seen on oxford shirts designed for formal or business casual occasions.
  • Awning Stripe Shirts: Awning stripes are very wide and thicker than the rest of the stripes. They are evenly spaced from each other vertically.
  • Bengal Stripe Shirts: Bengal stripes originate from Kolkata and are defined by their characteristic of spaces of equal width to the coloured stripes.
  • Regimental Stripe Shirts: Regimental stripes are often bold in colour and seen on vertical or diagonal stripes. 
  • Racing Stripe Shirts: Racing stripes get their name from the stripes on a racing car. The racing stripe shirts have either one or two bold vertical stripes running top to bottom.

Add striped shirts to your wardrobe to create the illusion of being tall and slim or look relaxed. 

3. Floral, Botanical, and Nature-Inspired Prints

Floral, botanical and nature-inspired designs are some of the trendiest shirts right now. These printed shirts also commonly referred to as Hawaiian shirts are commonly worn during the summer season or for outings such as beach or hills. These shirts are defined by their bright coloured background on which the nature-inspired designs are placed in an asymmetrical pattern.

Floral Prints

  • Rose Floral Shirts: Rose floral shirts have asymmetrical patterns of roses on a neutral background such as black or white. Adding them to your wardrobe can help you showcase your flamboyance and charm. 
  • Hawaiian Floral Shirts: Hawaiian floral patterns are quite popular for their bold colours and oversized maximalist patterns.
  • Cherry Blossom Floral Shirts: Inspired by the Japanese serene landscape, these shirts have excessive and sometimes overlapping patterns of cherry blossom leaves. These patterns of shirts add grace and elegance to your attire.
  • Tropical Floral Shirts: Tropical floral shirts have bright colours and oversized floral patterns that radiate a relaxed vibe. 
  • English Garden Floral Shirts: These types of designs often have subtle colour pallets and look similar to old English gardens. They have a very relaxed and cosy look to them.

Botanical Prints

  • Leafy Botanical Shirts: Leafy pattern features intricate patterns of leaves of either different or similar shapes, overlapping each other to create a flowy look.
  • Fern Botanical Shirts: The fern-patterned shirts have a delicate and feathery appearance, reminiscent of the beautiful fern leaves.
  • Palm Leaf Botanical Shirts: Palm leaf patterned shirts exude a tropical vibe. Their bold pattern and intricate leaf designs make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Herb Botanical Shirts: These types of patterns showcase the leaves and plants of herbs such as bay leaf, cardamoms and peppers. They can be an unorthodox and fun addition to your wardrobe.

Nature-Inspired Prints

  • Woodland Nature Shirts: Woodland-inspired shirts have the natural geographic pattern of woodlands including the trees and landscapes. These shirts are worn for casual events.
  • Mountain Landscape Shirts: The shirts are printed with mountainous scenery, some may also feature the fauna found in mountain regions.
  • Ocean and Beach Shirts: These patterns are often seen in cool colour schemes such as light or dark blue. They are perfect for family outings and beach parties.
  • Sunset and Sunrise Shirts: Sunset and Sunrise shirts have breathtaking and tranquil scenery printed on them. These shirts are best for casual events where you want to show off your relaxed and chill vibe.

4. Complex Patterns: Paisley, Damask, and Brocade

Intricate and complex patterns such as paisley, damask and brocade are artistic patterns that have a very artsy and psychedelic look to them. Paisley designs are defined by their teardrop and seed-shaped designs, either in a symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern. Damask is another art nouveau-esq flora and fauna pattern with different textures weaved into the fabric. The Damask pattern is usually created using two shades of a colour. Brocade is a similar pattern to Damask’s floral and fauna pattern; however, it has an embroidered look to it. They are designed by weaving supplementary yarn using a specialised loom.

These designs have a rich heritage and are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, cultural events, and similar casual occasions. You can pair these stylish patterns with jeans or formal trousers.

5. Geometric Patterns 

Geometric-patterned shirts are sleek and contemporary, adding a modern vibe to your look. Here are some of the geometric patterns you can choose from:

  • Chevron Geometric Shirts: Chevron geometric shirts have a stiff wavy pattern that makes the wearer look bold.
  • Diamond Geometric Shirts: The timeless charm of diamond geometric patterns makes it one of the classic designs that is still cool and trendy.
  • Hexagon Geometric Shirts: A hexagon is a six-sided geometric shape. The repeating pattern of this shape gives a structure to the shirt.
  • Triangle Geometric Shirts: Similar to hexagonal patterns, triangular patterns are also visually appealing and well-structured.
  • Square Geometric Shirts: Square patterns are often seen on minimalistic shirts. Square geometric patterns are best for a casual or boho look.
  • Circle Geometric Shirts: Circular patterns showcase an artistic and flowy design. They are for people who like to be unconventional.
  • Abstract Geometric Shirts: Abstract patterns push the boundaries of what can be considered a pattern. They have an artsy vibe to them, perfect for bold men.
  • Interlocking Geometric Shirts: The interlocking geometric patterns create a mesmerising pattern by overlapping and interlocking the patterns. 

Geometric design patterns are edgy and modern. They have a contemporary look which is well-suited for any casual or semi-formal occasion. You can add accessories that go with the shirt or overall outfit to complete your contemporary aesthetic look.

7. Novelty and Whimsical Patterns

Novelty and whimsical patterns are perfect for expressing your fun and quirky side. There is a wide range of designs that are considered to be quirky and whimsical patterns, such as,

  • Animal Print Shirts: Animal prints such as zebra, leopard, and cheetah are quite popular. They are perfect if you are looking for an exotic and bold outfit.
  • Cartoon Character Shirts: Shirts with cartoon characters express your humorous side and can also be nostalgic. 
  • Comic Book Print Shirts: Shirts with comic book prints are quite trendy due to their nostalgic and iconic styles. 
  • Food and Drink Print Shirts: Shirts with prints of food and drinks reflect your love for food in a humorous way.
  • Nautical and Pirate Shirts:  Nautical and pirate prints take you to the high seas, with a sense of adventure.
  • Space and Sci-Fi Shirts: These shirts are designed with prints of cosmic elements such as stars, planets and nebulas. These are perfect for men who are cosmic enthusiasts.
  • Toy and Game Print Shirts: Similar to cartoon print, shirts with designs of toys and games induce playful nostalgia.
  • Pop Culture Icon Shirts: Pop culture icon shirts can be worn to pay tribute to your favourite stars or showcase your fandom.

8. Watercolour, Splatter, and Abstract Expressionism

Shirts with abstract patterns such as watercolour, splatter, and expressionism are unconventional, yet very expressive. These shirts have a bold design, usually with a neutral background to create eye-catching designs. 

These designs are dynamic and edgy, which helps you to add flair to your outfits. These designs are breaking the barrier in men’s fashion to create unique and artistic outfits. You can dress up these types of shirts by pairing them with jackets and jeans for semi-formal events.


As you can see, there are so many patterns of men’s shirts that you can choose from. Shirt pattern designs can be a great way to show your personality and fashion sense. Embrace the versatility of these unique styles to look dressed for the occasion every time.

Whether you are looking for something formal, semi-formal, or casual, you can find a shirt for all occasions. Choose the right shirt for the occasion to stand out from the crowd and establish your own style. If you are looking for high-quality stylish shirts for men, visit our shop today!

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